Bright New Day

A CyberQuilting Experiment

Group Poem (In the Making)

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as long as our pores
remain deep wells of wanting
the cut of our need
is a renewable resource




  z wrote @

come to me my melancholy baaabay
song your blues into my lungs
then shake borrowed release into our palms
and let it echo echo echo

  moya wrote @

and let night not only be
for love making and dreaming
let it also be reclaimed as bright
and brilliant as the day
And let not the heat of the sun
be the only heat we feel when stars are hiding

  Fazette wrote @

come to me as pain
and end resealed with me
that space where only i take up
brings love as light as day

  Alise wrote @

Appoint me alchemist
To transform twisted metal of anguish
Into a golden amulet
Reflecting healing light

  kendra wrote @

let us drink from the cups
that are our elders wisdom
so that our thirst might be quenched
and our hearts runeth over

  Manjioca wrote @

then let us in this quest for
healing, bring words and tears
together so that the cicatrice
creates a pattern uniquely ours
so that we cannot olvidar the wanting
so that we do not extract the pain
but are ever aware of that which binds us
in our wantings….

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